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No Worries

Hey I got a few responses on the last post. Just to let everyone know, if you already sent out postcards with your name on it its totally cool dont worry about it now. Its totally cool, I was only clearing things up for future referrence. I realize right now that we dont have members joining and so its kinda hard to just give addresses to people and they have already sent postcards to those people so I need for each member to do me a favor:

Email me pandora21 or myself and give us your addresses again. I realize its been done, email one or the other not both. Please include your LJ name when you email us the info.
Pandora21 @ pandora21@gmail.com
_addressbook_ @ party_at_my_place7@yahoo.com

I am thinking that since we have enough members we can change it up a bit and have themes. Something like either the members can vote on a theme or the mods can choose a theme and everyone will be given addresses and you can make a postcard with that theme. Depending on how that goes maybe we can have contests on who has the mos unique postcard and you can win a prize. Please give me some feedback on what you guys think of the idea.

Also snaggletooth_ed email the other mod (see above) and ask her about the addresses again perhaps she can help you on that because I for one do NOT have peoples addresses.

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