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Tag! You're It

a postcard game

Tag! You're it! - a postcard game
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Ever thought it'd be cool to get a postcards from around the world? Think it'd be even more cool if some random person sent it to you? Well, that's what this game is all about:

TAG! You're it!!

Anyone, no matter where in the world you live, can join this community as long as you're willing to participate in the game.

So how do you play this game?
Basically anyone who joins needs to provide their address (that is if you want postcards in return). You will be given at least 1 other address to send your postcard to. This is all done annoyously. (Only us moderators will keep track of who sent to who, just incase). Then the receiver of your postcard will then send a postcard to someone else on the list. Eventually, for every 1 postcard you send out, you should get at least 1 back. And if you want to send postcards to more than one person...GO FOR IT!! Just let us know.

Jeeze! Does that mean I have to go out and buy postcards? Won't that get to be expencive?
Feel free to make your own postcards. Handmade stuff is always appreciated!! And if you think about it, this probably the least expencive mailing game out there. You can create several postcards from one 20cent posterboard and a stamp to somewhere in your same country is just a few cents too!! If you even want to send one abroad it's just a few cents more.

Do you have a website to put the postcard art on?
As of right now we dont have one. But there are plans in the works for one VERY SOON! And when that one is up we're gonna create an additional game! But it's a secret right now **shhhhh**

So if this looks like a good game you'd want to join, just email me your address and we'll get the ball rolling. Also feel free to post all about yourself and pictures of your postcards. Who knows, maybe'll you'll find that penpal you've always wanted!!